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Working Out While Away? 19 Workouts Your Teammates Tried (and Loved) Around the Globe

With the holidays just around the corner, we know many of you will be leaving our home turf over the next several weeks. And while we encourage all our athletes to take this time to rest and recuperate, we know many of you will crave a good workout while away.

No matter where you travel, Cut Seven Play is always there to offer virtual workouts. For those who wish to attend an in-person sweat sesh, we put together a list of independent gyms in various cities around the world. 

We asked you, our teammates, for studio recs in your respective home cities or workouts from past vacays. We received some honorable mentions including the Barry’s, OTFs, F45s, and Rise Nations of the world, but as a (literal) mom-and-pop shop we wanted to give a little love to other independent gyms across the nation — and even across the ocean. Below, we give you your teammates’ most-loved studios to visit while traveling.  

Studios Within the United States

Note: Looking for a specific city? Locations are organized alphabetically first by state, then by city. 

1. Irvine, CA: WORK

WORK offers group HIIT classes in a community-based environment, avoiding the intimidation factor associated with big-box gyms. Classes run 45-minutes, with each day offering a different focus (their Force class targets the upper body while Rooted challenges your legs and glues; while Pulse consists of full-body cardio and Overtime offers strength and cardio components. New athletes can sign up for a free class, here.

2. Palm Springs, CA: One Eleven Conditioning Club

One Eleven Conditioning Club offers personal and group training aimed to improve explosivity, power, and movement mechanics. Their various classes break down according to equipment used, with Rock the Bells teaching technique in kettlebells, barbells, and dumbbells while Circuit City puts you through agility drills with minimal equipment. Drop-in rates run $13 a class, or first-timers can email the studio requesting a free class. 

3. Fort Lauderdale, FL: Bodytek

Bodytek focuses on HIIT workouts with the promise that no two training sessions will ever be the same. Athletes use dumbbells, kettlebells, TRX, rowers, and stability balls within each 60- or 90-minute class. Contact the studio for first-timer deals (they offer one training session for free, but this is reserved for local residents). 

4. Miami, FL: Anatomy


Anatomy is part-fitness studio, part salon, and part PT practice, all in one roof (complete with cold therapy and an infrared sauna). Their group class schedule varies from meditation, yoga, kettlebell training, and bootcamps, including Kettlebell Flow (mobility and foundational KB movements) and Glute camp (strength training through your posterior chain). Contact the studio for drop-in rates.

5. Tampa, FL and Los Angeles, CA: CAMP

CAMP brings a “work hard, play harder,” mentality to group fitness, offering a space to train, practice, and find support. In addition to their yoga, cycling, and pilates classes, you can find HIIT workouts including Hustle, tackling eight stations in 4-minute blocks; Circuit, alternating between wind sprints and strength movements; and Stations, with a series of stations encompassing conditioning and strength. A single class runs $23 while off-peak times cost $12. (PS: Parents, if you’re traveling as a fam, they have childcare.)

6. Chicago, IL: Ethos Training Systems


Ethos Training System offers programming centered on fundamental movement patterns, personalized attention, and injury prevention. With sled pushes, echo bikes, and mobility work all done on a turf studio, you should feel right at home. Through December 15th, drop-ins are running just $15.

7. Boston, MA: Burn Fitness

Burn was voted the Best Boutique Gym by Boston Magazine, offering both indoor and outdoor group classes. Their class schedule runs the gamut between yoga, pilates, and bootcamp-style workouts, with Power Burn bringing a total-body strength workout and Burn Sprints 30 geared more towards cardio movements. New athletes are eligible for a $15 class, or three classes for $30.

8. New York, NY: Body Space

Body Space works on functional fitness, learning how to carry, push, pull, and stabilize with various muscle groups. Workouts range from 45 minutes to one hour, with athletes moving through a dynamic warmup before moving into circuits encompassing kettlebell training, agility drills, and total body movements.

9. New York, NY: Fhitting Room


Fhitting Room designs circuit-style workouts featuring dumbbells, kettlebells, bodyweight moves, and TRX — plus, they offer indoor and outdoor options. Each fast-paced, 50-minute session offers a total-body workout, with their signature class testing your strength and cardio. Right now, their class packs are geared toward at-home classes, so email the studio for in-person deals.

10. New York, NY: Tonehouse

Tonehouse preaches that every individual can train like a professional athlete.. Their Strength classes center on barbell training, while Conditioning classes feature exercises involving rowers, bikes, battle ropes, and primal movements. Their “rookie pass” runs two classes for the price of one ($45).

11. New York, NY: Training Lab


Named Best New Gym in America by Men’s Fitness, Training Lab teaches the mechanics behind every movement. Each 55-minute class focuses one core movement (think squats, pullups, deadlifts, or overhead presses) before moving into a circuit with jumps, sled pushups, and TRX movements. A single class costs $42. 

12. Austin, TX: Heat Bootcamp


Promising to never give you a “cookie-cutter workout,” Heat in Austin combines bootcamp workouts with a community-based feel. With both strength and cardio components, their schedule targets various muscle groups (like Chest, Back and Arms or Butt, Legs, and Core) in their circuit-style and tabata classes. Fill out their sign-up form to gain access to a free class. 

13. Dallas, TX: Evolve Fitness

Evolve Fitness in the Dallas area combines dynamic workouts with community vibes and mental challenges. Their training program, coined Met45, is divided into three distinct classes, including MetMass (strength training), MetVelocity (agility), and MetForce (HIIT). A drop-in class runs $35, or you can sign-up for a group training trial session on Mindbody for free. 

International Studios

Note: Locations are organized alphabetically by country. 

14. Brisbane, Bondi, Melbourne, and Sydney, Australia: 98 Gym


98 Gym in Australia built a reputation for valuing performance and training above ego or aesthetics. Sample group classes range from Strength (focused on strength building and endurance), Energy System Development (cardio training on bikes, rowers, and treadmills), and F*ck You Friday, which combines all blocks of their training regimen. Click on the homepage of each of their respective locations to access a 7-day free trial.

15. Paris, France: Midtown Boot Camp

In 2015, Midtown Boot Camp launched as a way to offer intense, bootcamp-style classes in Paris. Their original bootcamp class is 50% strength, 50% conditioning, with their schedule broken up by muscle group, offering classes targeting your upper body, lower body, and core, respectively. One class runs 30 € (~$33.94).

16. London, UK: The Fore


The Fore offers TRX yoga, boxing, and circuit-style training all in one studio. Their HIIT class, Foretitude, challenges endurance, speed, and flexibility on TRX, Skillmills, and RIP Trainers. Newcomers gain access to a 7-day trial for £29 (~$32.80) through a pop-up form on their homepage.

17. London, UK: Engine Room

Engine Room offers small group personal training in classes no larger than six people. Classes are a hybrid between strength and cardio movements, taking place on bikes, treadmills, and through barbell movements. Contact the studio for drop-in rates.

18. London, UK: Sweat by BXR


Sweat by BXR is a yoga studio, boxing ring, verscal climbing studio, and strength and conditioning gym all in one. With two locations in London, Sweat by BXR offers five different strength and conditioning classes, focused on explosive movements, plyometrics, kettlebell training, and barbell movements. Their first-time offer includes four sessions for £40 (~$45.23). 

19. Dubai, UAE and Phuket, Thailand: Unit 27

Unit 27 brings military-style training into a group strength and conditioning class. Each 60-minute session features 8-15 exercises such as sled pushes, rope climbs, bear crawls, or intervals on an assault bike or rower. Drop-in rates run 430 THB (~$12.70).