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These are some Frequently Asked Questions about the Cut Seven studio and our unique fitness experience. Still have questions? Reach out to us at info@cutseven.com.


what are the outdoor classes?

Monday – Friday outdoor classes will be held at Marie Reed Field (2558 0821, Washington, DC 20009) and Saturday + Sunday classes will take place at Stead Park (1625 P St NW, Washington, DC 20036). Please arrive at least five minutes before class to get settled in. All workouts are limited to 10 – 15 people (coach plus 11+ athletes) to ensure a safe social distancing. 

Outdoor classes can be purchased on the Packages page and reserved through the Cut Seven app or through the Reservations page.

are outdoor classes all cardio?

No. Outdoor classes follow the muscle focus Schedule. The only days that will include cardio are Heart. The class will always have a dynamic warmup which includes things like jogging, high knees, and burpees. 

do i need to wear PPe during class?

You must wear PPE (masks) before and after class and should remain six feet apart from each other throughout the entirety of class.  

You may bring a yoga mat, towel, or workout gloves if that would make your experience more comfortable, but they are not required. If you have a Cut Pack please bring it. Fill your water bottle and use your restroom at home since they may not be open at the field.

Virtual Workouts and Memberships

Do you offer virtual workouts?

Yes. In 2020, we launched Cut On-Demand and Zoom Live classes, which offer virtual workouts done from the comfort of your living room. Classes are offered via Zoom (sign-up required) and YouTubeVimeo. Please view our Packages and Reservation page for more information.

What’s the difference between cut on-demand and zoom live?

Cut Seven Play (On-Demand) includes bodyweight workouts that take place on YouTube. For added resistance, coaches may incorporate household items, such as wine bottles, backpacks, a chair, stacks of books, or resistance bands and other equipment. Live classes that utilize resistance bands or other equipment are clearly labeled on our Reservations page.

Zoom Live classes take place on Zoom, and incorporate strength based movements using weights or the Cut Pack (at-home training equipment including resistance bands and sliders).


  • What is the cut pack and where can i purchase it?


The Cut Pack is our pack of at home-training equipment. It includes a resistance band set of five resistance bands offering up to 150 pounds of weight, a set of mini bands, slides, and a door anchor. This equipment is used during our Zoom classes and some of the live classes.

You can purchase the Cut Pack on our Packages page and then arrange for contactless pick-up by emailing info@cutseven.com

Can i ask questions / interact with the coach during class?

You can interact with your coach through the chat feature on Zoom. Therefore, if coach interaction is important to you, please sign up for Zoom classes.

Do i need to purchase the at-home equipment (Cut pack) to take class?

No. Most Cut On-Demand (YouTube) classes do not require the Cut Pack and those that utilize equipment are clearly labeled in our Reservations page.

The Cut Pack, or weights is only required for Zoom Live classes.


I purchased a zoom live class pack. how do I gain class access?

After purchasing a Zoom Live class pack, you will reserve a spot on the Cut Seven app. If you do not have the Cut app, you can also reserve a spot  on our website.Note: Sign-ups are required for Zoom Live classes.

Do you host free online workouts?

Yes! We offer free, Live YouTube classes around 10 times a week. We post the schedule for our our free workouts on our Reservations page (along with other class format types).

  • what is cut seven play?

Cut Seven Play hosts our library of ALL past live workouts in addition to instructional videos, 5 – 30 minute stack videos (focused on shorter workouts and targeted areas), pro tips, and mobility workouts.

Access to Cut Seven Play can be purchased on through the Play website. You can start a seven day free trial. Full access costs $24.99 per month.

If you are a healthcare employee, lost your job or were negatively impacted by COVID-19, please email info@CutSeven.com for a free Cut Seven Play membership.


  • Do i need a reservation to take a live class?


No! The live classes are completely free and you do not need a reservation. Our Reservation page displays all of the different classes available throughout the day but you do not need to click “Reserve” for any of the classes marked as “Live.”

how do i watch a live class?

All of the live classes are streamed on YouTube.

If you would like to receive a notification that one of the live classes is starting on YouTube, you can click the “Subscribe” button and then the bell icon next to that button. This will either send you an email notification when one of the live classes is starting.

i want to see the live workout AGAIN. WHAT DO I DO?

Some of the previous live workouts are available on our YouTube page under “Videos” and some are saved on our Instagram account as Stories. 

But the best way to see past videos is with Cut Seven Play.

The Workout

I’m just getting back into shape. What can I expect?

Expect a combination of strength and cardio movements broken out into four circuit stations. Our approach to strength and conditioning is unlike anything you’re used to—you will never step foot on a cardio machine or lift a barbell. Instead, we use sleds, battle ropes, dumbbells, and other equipment you won’t find anywhere else in DC.

Is there running and jumping involved in the workout?

Yes. We are a sports conditioning gym and those are two fundamental movements in our workout. But know this: We offer modifications for all exercises and there are five inches of aerated rubber padding underneath our turf floor, protecting your knees from impact.

Why does everyone keep talking about Heart Day?

Heart Day is known for being our most rigorous (read: mostly cardio) class. Our version of cardio includes burpees, plyometrics, and yes—a few sprints. Since we work to keep your heart rate up throughout the whole class, this workout moves FAST. For this reason, we don’t recommend it for your first class.

What’s your class format?

Each class consists of a dynamic warm-up, a circuit-style workout, and a finisher affectionately called Seven Minutes in Heaven. You can expect three to five stations within each circuit, with each station completed twice.

Can I get a sneak-peak of the workout prior to class?

And ruin all the fun? Everything we do in this gym, we do as a team—that includes learning the workout.

Different Class Types


Heart Day is our conditioning class, with a heavy focus on cardio. Total Body tries to hit each muscle group with a split between cardio and strength exercises.


Advanced class is designed to be our most challenging class, and runs for 75 minutes rather than one hour. We require you to take at least 20 Cut classes before signing up for Advanced.


Our Rebuild (mobility) classes is where we look to increase our range of motion within our joints. We work on our wrists, ankles, spine, knees, and other joints so we can move more easily in class and in our daily lives.

Understanding The Schedule

WHat’s the easiest way to book classes?

 iPhone users can download it in the App Store by searching Cut Seven. Droid users will be able to download the app soon! 

You can also view our schedule on our Reservations page. We change our schedule week over week and month over month, allowing you to get the most variance in your training (i.e. better results!).


We change our schedule week over week and month over month, allowing you to get the most variance in your training (i.e. better results!).


We focus on seven muscle groups without the week, your heart being one of them. If you see “Heart” on the schedule, expect there to be a cardio component. Heart Day (always on Saturday) is our predominantly conditioning class while Strength / Heart (i.e. Back / Heart) will be less cardio intensive.


On any given day, the muscle group written first is the prominent focus for that workout. For example, a class written as “Back / Legs” will have back exercises as its primary focus, while a “Legs / Back” class will focus more heavily on legs.


Do you offer free classes for first-timers?

We offer discounted packages for those new to Cut Seven: a two-for-one class pack, and an unlimited week at a discounted price. Be sure to follow us on Instagram and sign-up for our email list for news on free, community events.

Do I have to reserve a class in advance?

We allow walk-ins, but your spot is not guaranteed. Check online before heading over to ensure the class isn’t sold out. If you arrive to a sold-out class and another teammate doesn’t show up by the start of class, you’re in.

Canceling a Class

Do you have a cancellation policy?

Yes. You have precisely a ten-hour window from your 8PM dinner to decide if you will make your 6AM class (giving your teammates enough time to call dibs on your spot). Cancelling or no-showing means losing a class credit (class packs) or a $25 late cancel/no-show fee for unlimited memberships and 7 for $7 members.


I’m waitlisted for a class. what are my chances for getting in a class?

Remember the dinner vs. 6AM class scenario above? This is DC, and people choose the former. Plus, heavy waitlists tell us we need to add another class—so use it!

if I’m on the waitlist. How do I know if I made it in?

If it’s more than ten hours prior to class, you’ll receive an automated email message. After that, the system is no longer automated.

How many classes can I reserve in one day?

One. And if you put everything you have into that one class, it’s all you’ll need. By doing two-a-days, you are breaking down the muscles you just worked your ass off to build up—kinda counter-productive, don’t you think?


Do you have showers, locker rooms, etc?

Unfortunately, no. We do, however, have restrooms stocked with towels, dry shampoo, and other necessities.

Do I need to bring anything?

You, yourself, a little motivation, and perhaps a water bottle. We have yoga mats, towel service, and water fountains in the studio.

Is parking available?

There is ample street parking available in the neighborhood. Beware: Do not park on Rhode Island during rush hour (for those of you early-morning risers).