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Cut Seven focuses on different muscle groups each day to achieve complete muscle failure with optimum recovery. To ensure your health and safety, Cut Seven offers socially-distanced workouts at our open-air studio and local turf fields.

Choose Your Turf

Classes are held rain or shine, and will continue throughout the cooler months. Please double-check the schedule for your class location when booking workouts.


1101 Rhode Island

Cut Seven’s original studio is open for class, following the same programming outline in the Cut schedule. Athletes have access to pull-up bars, dumbbells, kettlebells, and bungees, while indoor facilities (including towel service, restrooms, and water fountains) are available for use.

All coaches, captains, and athletes are required to be fully vaccinated to attend an indoor class (please bring your vaccine passport to your first class). In accordance with the District of Columbia guidelines, all athletes are required to wear masks, regardless of vaccination status. Added safety measures including a new, state-of-the-art HVAC system, mandatory temperature checks, and hand sanitizer are in place.

1101 Rhode Island Ave., NW

Open-Air Studio

14th Street

Our open-air studio features more than 2,000 square feet outside. Open garage doors provide adequate ventilation, while a roof overhead provides covering against inclement weather. In accordance with CDC guidelines, fully vaccinated athletes are not required to masks at outdoor classes, although you may do so if it makes you comfortable.

Workouts feature additional equipment, including echo bikes, TRX, and dumbbells. Each athlete remains in their own socially-distanced space for the warm-up, before moving between stations for the workout.

1401 Swann Street NW
Enter on Swann Street. 

union market


The Union Market rooftop provides over 8,000 square feet of outdoor turf. Athletes should come prepared with a filled water bottle and towel, as indoor facilities may not be available before class.

Rooftop classes do not mean more cardio, with each workout following the Cut Seven schedule. Expect a balance between strength and Heart, using battle ropes, sandbags, kettlebells, and bungees.

1309 5th St NE
Parking provided.

Your health is our priority

In accordance with the CDC and District of Columbia guidelines, we implement a number of safety measures for our athletes, coaches, and captains. Carefully review our complete COVID-19 policies and procedures here.