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Who We Are

the hardest sh/t we do in life cannot be done alone.


The two met seven years before these doors officially opened, with Chris playing the part of personal trainer and Alex—unknowingly—the first Cut Seven test.

Alex was building her marketing career and lost sense of balance, gaining over 40 pounds. Chris led a triple-life as accountant by day, PhD student by night, and personal trainer every spare minute in between. Chris created a program based on his football conditioning at UConn—hard intervals, zero bullshit, and total body soreness. In six months, Alex lost sixty pounds.

Inspired by a seemingly impossible transformation, Alex got certified and over time their training sessions shifted to business meetings. Over the next few years they went from coaching eight athletes at gravel parks to crowds of 500 at Union Market and the Nike sales floor.

For seven years, they made each other better—through marriage, baby, and a shared business. Today, the Cut Seven team is built on the same foundation as their original partnership: We push you. You push us. We all get better.

Meet the Coaches

Katie Collard – Head Coach

The person next to you will always be the one to push you forward. We are so much more motivated when we see our teammates crushing it, pushing as hard as we are.


Take advantage of right now. Get stronger right now.

beyond the turf

I coached athletes in a collegiate setting, and now work a lot with clients one-on-one. With my experience personal training, I’m able to support athletes quickly in the team based setting. 

Don’t leave thinking you had more left.

Connect With Katie

Chris Perrin

You don’t need to push yourself to the limit every day, but you should know what that limit is. People should know what they can do.

what i tell teammates

Don’t be afraid to find out how strong you are.

Beyond the turf

After playing football at UConn, I got sick of going from in-to-out of shape. I was a day-time accountant, working mornings and nights as a personal trainer, and studying for a PhD in economics. I had to find the most efficient way to get in shape, and I did. 


Easy is boring—easy gets you nowhere.

Connect With Chris

Alex Perrin

When you make yourself the priority, everything else falls into place.


How uncomfortable are you willing to get?


After spending the last several years helping launch HIIT programs across the DMV and creating coach training programs at various studios, I now spend my days split between running Cut Seven with my hubs, Chris and our new baby, Mak.

Don’t let your mind talk you out of what your body can do.

Connect With Alex

Marcus Lowe

Your biggest competition is yourself—if you think you can do it, you can. Keep chipping away at it, one rep or step at a time.

what i tell teammates

You can have pain of effort or pain of regret—pick which one you want.

Beyond the turf

Fitness was always a part of life. After playing college basketball, I traded in passion for a paycheck, working as an IT analyst by day, coaching at night, and doing pull-ups with janitors over the lunch hour. When my first personal training client lost 100 pounds, I realized the rewarding life waiting for me outside corporate.

You aren’t your thoughts, limits, fears or desires; you are only what you do.

Connect With Marcus

Mere Chambers

You will be better for this. Put your brain, body, and heart into the work—because those people rooting for you? They’re counting on you too.


You walked through those doors for a reason.

beyond the turf

I was never taught to maintain a healthy balance. I either worked out so hard I injured myself or not at all. Now, I realize fitness is about personal connections, new experiences, and seeing the positive side of everything.

Can't is saying won't.

Connect With Mere

Clarence Stanfield

To me, fitness ties in mental, physical, and emotional strength. When we take control of our lifestyle we gain control of our minds, allowing us to have better emotional responses.

what i tell teammates

Whatever hardships you’re going through, let it out right here on this turf.

Beyond the turf

I was a group counselor and dean of an elementary school before I became a coach. We all have issues and problems, but as someone who believes anyone can turn a corner, I want to help push them there.

Building your mind, heart, and relationships is just as important as building your body.

Connect With Clarence

We are Cut Seven.
Not a gym. A team.

The people we surround ourselves with day in, day out play a huge role in how far we get in life. We need those who always root for us — win, lose, or draw. Those who invest in our dreams as if they’re their own. And those who are better than us, inspire us, and also expect great things from themselves.

You push us. We push you. We all get better.