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Who We Are

the hardest sh/t we do in life cannot be done alone.

The people we surround ourselves with, day in, day out, play a huge role in how far we get in life. We need those who always root for us — win, lose, or draw. Those who invest in our dreams as if they’re their own. And those who are better than us, inspire us, and also expect great things from themselves.

You push us. We push you. We all get better.



Show up for your teammates; show up for yourself. When you have a whole team backing you, you become your best self.


It takes courage to tackle physical, mental, and moral challenges. We share our goals and celebrate teammates’ progress—both on and off the turf.


Check your ego at the door. Give your full effort, while staying open to guidance from coaches and teammates. Without feedback, there is no growth.


If Cut Seven closed today, we would hold a free event tomorrow. This team has always been and will always be about bringing people together, supporting one another, and giving back to the community.

Since opening in 2016, Cut Seven has held community workouts to benefit the ACLU, SMYL, Girl’s Global Academy, The Young Kings of Ron Brown High School, Brookland Edgewood Family Support Collaborative, and many others. Each year, Cut Seven hosts sweatGIVING, a workout hosted to raise funds for Girl’s Global Academy and The Young Kings of Ron Brown High School in an effort to decrease the social equity gap. Each holiday season, our team adopts 25 DC families to make their holiday wish lists come true. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, we thanked Garrison Elementary for their use of their outdoor field by raising $10,000 for computers and tablets.

$65,000 RAISED

Since opening, donating to local charities in the DC area.


Adopted over the holiday season since 2018. Fulfilling more than 275 children’s wishlists, surpassing $30,000 gifts.


Attending sweatGIVING since 2016. Raising a record number of $5,000 in 2022!