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Who We Are

the hardest sh/t we do in life cannot be done alone.


The two met seven years before these doors officially opened, with Chris playing the part of personal trainer and Alex—unknowingly—the first Cut Seven test.

Alex was building her marketing career and lost sense of balance, gaining over 40 pounds. Chris led a triple-life as accountant by day, PhD student by night, and personal trainer every spare minute in between. Chris created a program based on his football conditioning at UConn—hard intervals, zero bullshit, and total body soreness. In six months, Alex lost sixty pounds.

Inspired by a seemingly impossible transformation, Alex got certified and over time their training sessions shifted to business meetings. Over the next few years they went from coaching eight athletes at gravel parks to crowds of 500 at Union Market and the Nike sales floor.

For seven years, they made each other better—through marriage, baby, and a shared business. Today, the Cut Seven team is built on the same foundation as their original partnership: We push you. You push us. We all get better.

Meet the Coaches

Chris Perrin

You don’t need to push yourself to the limit every day, but you should know what that limit is. People should know what they can do.

what i tell teammates

Don’t be afraid to find out how strong you are.

Beyond the turf

After playing football at UConn, I got sick of going from in-to-out of shape. I was a day-time accountant, working mornings and nights as a personal trainer, and studying for a PhD in economics. I had to find the most efficient way to get in shape, and I did. 


Easy is boring—easy gets you nowhere.

Connect With Chris

Alex Perrin

When you make yourself the priority, everything else falls into place.


How uncomfortable are you willing to get?


After spending the last several years helping launch HIIT programs across the DMV and creating coach training programs at various studios, I now spend my days split between running Cut Seven with my hubs, Chris and our new baby, Mak.

Don’t let your mind talk you out of what your body can do.

Connect With Alex

Marcus Lowe


Anchorage, AK

favorite day or body part combo

Total Body

workout song that gets you going

Anything DMX

what does team mean to you

A group of individuals working as a unit to accomplish a (chosen) common goal.

phrase you’re known for

Team Sh/t all for the Gainz

You aren’t your thoughts, limits, fears or desires; you are only what you do.

Connect With Marcus

Bre Henderson


Germantown, MD

favorite day or body part combo

Toss up between Ass/Abs and Total Body

workout song that gets you going

Feelin’ It – Jay Z

what does team mean to you

Always having support and holding each other accountable to achieve the same goal.

phrase you’re known for

You’re ok!

The little things make the big things.

Connect With Bre

Clarence Stanfield


Hampton, VA

favorite day or body part combo

Close call between Heart and Total Body

workout song that gets you going

Anything with Rick Ross and preferably featuring Drake

what does team mean to you

It’s family, blood or not, it’s who has your back.

phrase you’re known for

Fitness is always watching!

Building your mind, heart, and relationships is just as important as building your body.

Connect With Clarence



Hingham, MA

favorite day or body part combo

Gimme that Back/Legs combo or my first love Heart

workout song that gets you going

Way Out – Jack Harlow, Big Sean

what does team mean to you

Team is a feeling of support, it’s an unwavering desire to push a little harder for those around you and get stronger in the process.

phrase you’re known for

High fives go a long way!

This is the one hour you have control over.

Connect With Shabo

Kyle Suib

Our biggest plague in life is the what-ifs. Keep asking yourself, “What if I did this? What if I could do this?”


Even if you’re tired, you’re stronger than you were 20 minutes ago.


I consider myself a movement coach, with my niche being mobility and flexibility. For years, I couldn’t touch my toes — and now I do circus arts, trapeze, and pole dancing. My goal is to help others move the right way, even if it means taking a step back or slowing down the exercise.

You’re not going to work any harder than what you’re doing right now.

Connect With Kyle

Sarah Cotter


Ambler, PA

favorite day or body part combo


workout song that gets you going

LA-LA-LA by Jay Z

what does team mean to you

People who support you at your best and your worst, those that are in your corner through the tough sh/t and the team sh/t.

phrase you’re known for

Starting a fight about the best Halloween candy

Settle into your progress without feeling like you’re 'settling.'

Connect With Sarah

We are Cut Seven.
Not a gym. A team.

The people we surround ourselves with day in, day out play a huge role in how far we get in life. We need those who always root for us — win, lose, or draw. Those who invest in our dreams as if they’re their own. And those who are better than us, inspire us, and also expect great things from themselves.

You push us. We push you. We all get better.