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The Workout

Cut Seven focuses on different muscle groups each day to achieve complete muscle failure with optimum recovery. Each isolated workout plays into a larger program, giving you the precision of personal training within a team setting.



Does heart mean cardio? Yes. Is there running involved? Some. But our version of cardio doesn’t mean endless miles on a treadmill. Heart day packs sleds, battle ropes, and hurdle drills into one, fast-paced workout.



On Strength days we target muscle group(s) to the point of failure. We increase intensity by loading the resistance and dialing back on reps. Will you be sore? Yes. Will it be worth it? Absolutely.



To any athlete hitting a plateau, the missing element is almost always recovery (not more reps). Infrared saunas, cold plunges, Normatec sleeves, active-release therapy (ART), muscle activation, and mobility allow us to maximize results while decreasing the risk of injury.



We take a team-approach to building better habits. Nutrition workshops teach fueling strategies to increase energy levels, prevent mid-workout crashes, and rebuild muscle post-workout.



We accomplish more as a team than we ever could on our own. We high-five our teammates, say hello during warmups, partake in partner stations, and hold our teammates accountable—both on and off the turf.

How we Train


…And yes, there’s a difference. By isolating each muscle group per day, you’ll increase your results while decreasing your risk of overuse injury. Over a week, you’ll strike a balance across all seven muscle groups (and two energy systems) so you experience complete muscle burnout with maximum recovery.

We rotate our schedule so you don’t have to.

We alter our schedule (Monday won’t always be Ass Day) so you’re guaranteed to hit each muscle week over week. You stay in balance whether your routine is Monday-Wednesday-Friday or 7x per week.

We don’t use machines because we want you to become one.

We move in unexpected ways (read: across every plane of motion) to achieve unexpected results. On our turf, you won’t find a single piece of equipment requiring an outlet.

Our workouts place efficiency first, intensity second.

Destroying you in a workout would be easy. We challenged ourselves to build a program where you see progress, not just next-day soreness.


You train the way we train—which is why you often workout alongside coaches in class. Your coaches are more than your cheerleaders. They hold you accountable so you see visible results.

We’re not a bright lights, check-your-watch, headphones-in kind of workout.

To us, it’s not just exercise—this is our escape from desk jobs, deadlines, and emails.The music is loud, the cheering is louder, and the team reminds you of your potential.



The Cut Seven program is built to accommodate the proper amount of rest to maximize results while decreasing the risk of injury. To get the most from class, remain injury-free, and rebuild your muscles post-sweat, you need to prioritize recovery as much as your actual workout. To get the most from your recovery efforts—and in turn, the most from your training—take advantage of the following:


Normactec sleeves’ compression therapy offers dynamic air compression for a restorative massage. Use them on an as-needed basis before class to increase circulation, decrease pain and inflammation, and increase lymphatic drainage.


Cold plunge therapy submerges the body in temperatures ranging from 50–59°F to detoxify the body, decrease chronic pain, increase your baseline dopamine (thereby increasing motivation), and improve your mood. To decrease fatigue and soreness, start with 1–2 minutes once per week, before acclimating to 3–4 plunges per week.


Infrared saunas use electromagnetic radiation to penetrate human tissue, versus the air around you—giving you a more intense sweat sesh at a lower temperature. Start with a 10–15 minute session (increasing to 30 minutes over time) to experience muscle relief, better sleep, and decreased joint pain. (Side note: Always prioritize hydration while using the sauna!)


In addition to the mobility exercises programmed into every Cut Seven class, Cut offers Rebuild classes. Led by Kat Torre, PT, DPT, CSCS, this custom-designed program increases mobility in the ankles, hip flexors, shoulders, and other joints to ensure athletes get the most out of every exercise, every class.


Every Cut Seven studio comes fully stocked with foam rollers and lacrosse balls, which we encourage athletes to use before class. When your muscles rebuild post-workout, the tissues can often form irregular patterns (knots) which need to be manually “released” via active release therapy (ART).


Inactive muscles (primarily glutes, core, and back muscles) lie at the root cause of most injuries. Cut Seven programs muscle activation into every warmup, ensuring your muscles fire throughout the workout. Your coaches program mobility exercises to supplement the day’s muscle focus, allowing you to get more from every movement.

How we Fuel


Everything we do at Cut Seven we do as a team—including shifting our habits. To increase energy levels, reach strength and/or aesthetic goals, and prevent mid-workout crashes, Cut offers the following nutrition services:


Looking for personal, private nutrition coaching? After diving into your health history, fueling habits, and relationship with food, you receive an initial customized nutrition plan and support complete with strategies, recipes, and regular check-ins with your coach, allowing you to reach your goals as efficiently as possible. This program is about fueling your goals and life—not depriving yourself of joy or your favorite foods.


Workshops average two hours, featuring a lecture and Q&A format. Your coaches discuss macros, fueling strategies for reaching strength and aesthetic goals, fueling strategies for day-to-day life, and fueling strategies for each Cut class (strength and heart days). Athletes leave with the tools—and team support—necessary to shift their habits and achieve their goals.


The nutrition series starts with an application process, diving into your health history, current fueling habits, and relationship with food. From there, you get an individualized plan tailored to your goals. You meet with fellow athletes on a weekly basis, join a private Slack channel, and have 24/7 access to your coach. The result? You get continuous support through shifting habits, exchanging recipes, and uncovering efficient strategies toward habit change.