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Get started with Cut Seven by purchasing class packs or a membership below. Once you’re signed up, take your pick of our daily classes and get ready to sweat.

Jump In

Special offers for newbies. Limit 1 option per athlete.



New? Experience the benefit of the full programming, ensuring max efficiency and max results. $7 per session.

Expires 1 month after purchase. Late cancel / no show fee $25. Credit card on file required.


Rookie 2-For-1

Been sweating the same way for a while, or maybe not at all? Challenge your muscles in a new way.

 Expires 14 days after purchase


Pack It In

1 Class

$34 per session

Expires 1 month after purchase.


5 Pack

$29 per session

Expires 2 months after purchase.


10 Pack

$27 per session

Expires 3 months after purchase.


20 Pack

$25 per session

Expires 6 months after purchase.


Join The Team

We love having you on the team. You love kicking ass.

7 Days Unlimited

Perfect for in between vacays and work travel. $14 per class

Your credit card is required to be on file for this package.


Unlimited Month – No Commitment

Unlimited classes. If you sweat 4 times a week, each session is less than $20.

Expires 1 month after first class date.


8 classes / month

8 classes per month on auto-renew. If you sweat 2 times a week, each session is $22.

Minimum 3-month commitment. Auto-renews.


12 classes / month

12 classes per month. $20 per session.

Minimum 3-month commitment. Auto-renews.


#GetCut Unlimited

Unlimited classes and special perks. If you sweat 4 times a week, each session is less than $20.

Minimum 3-month commitment. Auto-renews.





1 class

$17 per session

Session can be applied to “Rebuild” class or “Off Peak” timeslots.

Expires one -month after purchase.




Gift in any amount over $25


DIGITAL gift card

Delivered to your email (or theirs!) at the time of your choice