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Cut Up: Lindsay Jordan

Our teammates on the turf—the ones that sweat with us, the ones that push us—those are the badass people we surround ourselves with daily. Whether you are new to Cut, searching for a new purpose on the turf, or are a veteran struggling to stay consistent, we got you. 

Lindsay Jordan is an athlete who wears many hats. As a fellow teammate, super-mom, and full-time consultant, the energy she brings and camaraderie shared in class is impossible to miss. Below, learn more about Lindsay, including how she found Cut, how hitting the turf replaced the social bar scene, and her advice for Cut newcomers. 

How did Cut become part of your everyday routine?

It’s funny—I have multiple text threads with various teammates in the Cut community. It is always the same thing: What classes are you taking? What are you signing up for? I would say 60% of my text messages on a weekly basis are Cut-related. 

Clearly, we bought into the Cut vibe. It has brought so much joy to my life— and (obviously) even more from a health and wellness perspective. I turned 40 this year, and can’t go out to the club everyday. As a former bartender, that was my social lifestyle. That life filled my cup by allowing me to always meet new people, network, connect; but I  wanted to find another way to get that fix. I replaced that with going to the gym.

…Never thought I would be that person. 

How did you find Cut—were you an athlete growing up?

I’ve always been athletic. As a kid, I played volleyball, did Junior Olympics, and got recruited to compete in college. And yet, I just wasn’t that interested in it. I always considered myself a generalist. I could run fast (but not really fast); I played field hockey and soccer, but wasn’t the best on the team. Coaches always told me I had so much potential, but I wasn’t willing to lose that variety to perfect one sport. 

After college, I never had a consistent fitness routine. I dabbled in SoulCycle and boxing. I loved classes more than anything, but never found one I was obsessed with like Cut Seven. [Teammate] Lucas Kuhn actually got me into my first Cut Seven class saying, “I think you will have a lot of fun; you like to talk shit and get in a good workout.”

He was right; I fell in love. My first class with Marcus easily made that shit-talk-while-working-hard part just click. I found coaches who had the energy and support I needed, and I instantly made it part of my routine.

Two years later, I love seeing the progress made through Cut. To go from lifting a 20 lb to a 45 lb dumbbell, to push a 700 lb sled, to grab the heaviest band—that shit feels good. Within a year, I saw significant improvements in how my body functions. Cut Seven has been there to serve a purpose to keep me healthy and strong. 

What are three things—besides the workout—that you enjoy most about hitting the turf?

One: The team atmosphere. Cut attracts similar-vibe individuals. The team reminds you to take what you’re doing seriously, while not taking yourself too seriously.

Each workout you find your “team.” Even if my regular crew isn’t there (shoutout to Bessie and Yessenia!) I know I’ll find other teammates to pair-up with and cheer on throughout the workout. Or, maybe it will end up becoming [yet another] Cut friendship—someone to continuously hold me accountable. The competition that exists is healthy fun—it’s let’s push one another, versus, I want to do better than you. I don’t know how this collective attitude got started (thank you, Chris and Alex!) but it permeates through everything we do. 

Second, the versatility. I have never left the turf thinking, “That sucked,” or “That wasn’t good enough.” The workout is always different. Tomorrow, you will be sore—but the target muscle groups are always changing, so I feel confident pushing myself day after day. The Cut program fits the fitness routine I want, and it makes me want to go almost every day of the week.

And lastly, injury prevention. Chris has given me insight into how to move my body and which muscle groups to strengthen. I’ve always had strong legs, but some moves I physically wasn’t able to do—and probably shouldn’t do—due to muscle imbalances. With knee and hip issues, certain movements held a higher degree of risk. Understanding the “why” behind these injuries—and how to manage them going forward—are so beneficial for my fitness journey. 

How has Cut impacted other areas of your life?

Balancing everything is hard. Having a full-time job, being a parent—sometimes, it’s not easy being focused on health and wellness. Especially in the restaurant industry, you eat and drink really rich foods and socialize late into the night. If anything, it made me realize the importance of having health and wellness as a priority. 

As a mom, you are always prioritizing other people’s needs, leaving little time or resources left for yourself. Cut has helped me shift my mindset to say, “Fuck it, I’m going to do this for me—my needs and wants are important.” If you don’t take care of yourself, your health, or your body, your happiness won’t last long. 

What advice would you have for a newcomer?

My biggest piece of advice? Don’t be scared. Be willing to go all-fucking-in, be vulnerable, and have the mindset of, I’m going to have fun and not give up.” No matter your level of fitness, the moves we do here can be customized. Everyone starts from somewhere. 

And I promise—once hitting the turf becomes a priority, you’ll start to have major FOMO when you’re not here. At that point, it becomes a valuable part of your everyday life.