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You’ve Never
Felt This


Cut Seven focuses on different muscle groups each day to achieve complete muscle failure with optimum recovery. Each isolated workout plays into a larger program, giving you the precision of personal training within a team setting.



Does heart mean cardio? Yes. Is there running involved? Some. But our version of cardio doesn’t mean endless miles on a treadmill. Heart day packs sleds, battle ropes, and hurdle drills into one, fast-paced workout.



On Strength days we target muscle group(s) to the point of failure. We increase intensity by loading the resistance and dialing back on reps. Will you be sore? Yes. Will it be worth it? Absolutely.



To any athlete hitting a plateau, the missing element is almost always recovery (not more reps). Infrared saunas, cold plunges, Normatec sleeves, active-release therapy (ART), muscle activation, and mobility allow us to maximize results while decreasing the risk of injury.



We take a team-approach to building better habits. Nutrition workshops teach fueling strategies to increase energy levels, prevent mid-workout crashes, and rebuild muscle post-workout.



We accomplish more as a team than we ever could on our own. We high-five our teammates, say hello during warmups, partake in partner stations, and hold our teammates accountable—both on and off the turf.

What Makes Us Different

The Science

Anyone can create an intense workout. We chose to create an effective one.

Cut Seven is designed to show visible results in the least amount of time. Rotating muscle groups allows your muscles to rebuild post-burnout—the main reason total body workouts fall short.

The Motivation

You can only push yourself so far. And there comes a point when that’s not far enough.

You think you know your limit until someone pushes you past it. Your teammates remind you why you’re here—they’re the difference between giving up and giving three more reps.

Judd Legum, Founder - Popular Information

“I knew this was a good place to workout when I saw all the other fitness instructors around town coming to class.”

I'm In

Petar Dimtchev, Corporate Counsel - Amazon

“Hands down the best workout, from the hands-on approach and unique programming, to the team camaraderie. ”

Yes Please

Stephanie Garlock, Honors Attorney - Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

“This is the *only* exercise class I've ever been to where everyone thinks of each other as teammates.”

I'm in