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30 Classes in 6 Weeks + Nutrition Coaching + Workshops

April 9th – May 20th

Unlimited SPECIAL

Take full advantage of the program, sweat w/the team 5x per week – feel and see the difference.

Activates 4/9 and expires 5/20/18. Your credit card is required to be on file for this package.



Join Stacy Peterson, MS, CNS, CHHC, CSCS with Acceleration Sports.

24/7 Online Support. Weekly education and tools to make an immediate impact. Learn your bioindividuality, how to best strategize to build lean muscle, and cut fat.

Starts 4/7/18

Jump In

Special offers for newbies. Limit 1 option per athlete.


7 Days Unlimited

New? Experience it all! Expert programming designed for the week, ensuring max efficiency and max results.

Your credit card is required to be on file for this package.


Rookie 2-For-1

Been sweating the same way for a while, or maybe not at all? Challenge your muscles in a new way.

 Expires 14 days after purchase


Pack It In

Keep sweating and save some $$$ with a class pack.

1 Class

$29 per session

Expires 1 month after purchase.


5 Pack

$27 per session

Expires 2 months after purchase.


10 Pack

$25 per session

Expires 3 months after purchase.


20 Pack

$23 per session

Expires 6 months after purchase.


Join The Team

We love having you on the team. You love kicking ass.

8 classes / month

8 classes per month on auto-renew. If you sweat 2 times a week, each session is $22.

Minimum 3-month commitment. Auto-renews.


12 classes / month

12 classes per month. $20 per session.

Minimum 3-month commitment. Auto-renews.


#GetCut Unlimited

Unlimited classes and special perks. If you sweat 4 times a week, each session is less than $20.

Minimum 3-month commitment. Auto-renews.





1 class

$17 per session

Session can be applied to “Rebuild” class or “Off Peak” timeslots.

Expires one -month after purchase.




Gift in any amount over $25


DIGITAL gift card

Delivered to your email (or theirs!) at the time of your choice