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First Timers

Signing Up

We offer Strength, Heart (cardio), and Strength/Heart (combination) classes. For your first Cut, we suggest joining in for a Strength workout to learn the class format.


We offer discounted classes to all new teammates—so be sure to take advantage! Once you purchase a package, check out the schedule to select your preferred class.

Before Class
Know your body

It takes time to adjust to any new workout. We recommend eating two-to-three hours before class, and prefer being your only workout of the day.

Arrive Early

Allow ten minutes to get a tour, explain any injuries, and learn the class format. NOTE: Teammates more than five minutes late will not be permitted to enter the studio.

The Workout
Learn each Station

Your coach walks through each exercise the moment you enter the studio. That way, we don’t warm your muscles up, only to cool you back down throughout the demo.


After a dynamic warm-up, we dive into the workout. Typically,
we’ll do two rounds of four, three-minute circuits. Then we
wrap up with a little burnout love at the end.

Cool Down

We cool down and stretch as a team after class. If you’re craving more, grab a foam roller—available before and after class.

Back for More?

Teammates will tell you: You need 2-3 classes to grasp the format and get the most from the program. If you blasted some hammys, try us on chest day. If you’re craving sprints, aim for a Strength/Heart day.

Merissa Dryer, Owner of Womenbox

“As someone who's been doing one of the hardest sports for years, I keep coming here to be better in and outside of the ring.”

I want this

Corey Sebens, Prominence Advisors

“The best workout you'll find in DC. I have never been to a class where I didn't feel sore the next day.”

I'm in

Kate Slonaker Hammitt, Privia Health

“After 12 years in this area, I've found this to be the most inclusive, motivating and challenging workout in the DMV.”

Let's do this

Jon Faue, Instructor at CorePower Yoga

“You walk into the studio as one, but finish as a team. It’s amazing the camaraderie you build in 60 minutes.”

Yes Please