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Outdoor Classes


What are outdoor classes?

What you need you need to know:

Classes will be held outdoors (locations vary so make sure to check your reservation email to know where to go).

Classes will be 50 minutes and, like our studio classes, will focus on Strength Training, Heart (cardio), and Strength/Heart (combination) classes depending on the day you take! Make sure to check out our schedule  to see what the focus will be for your workout.

All classes are rain or shine. Yes, that means you may workout in some rain, but we bring the good vibes no matter the weather. 

Head over to the Package page to purchase your class, class pack, or start an unlimited membership. 

Just bring yourself, a mask, and some water! 

Finally, your safety is important to us!

1.  We require all athletes to wear PPE (a mask) anytime they aren’t working out: before class, during the demos, in-between stations, and after class.

2.  All athletes must remain six feet apart from each other throughout the entirety of class.

3.  Any shared equipment is cleaned between stations and between classes.

4.  We are committed to your health and safety. Read our COVID safety protocol in our FAQ section.